Blossom's Male Base | 3D Asset | Personal/Commercial License

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Blossom Male Base | 3D Asset | Personal/Commercial License is 100% Made By Me.


This base's original purpose was meant to replace a popular game rip in the VRChat community. A Year has almost past since the initial release of this base and I am forever grateful for the all the people I have met and the amazing work I've had the privilege of seeing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for everything. <3

︲I will still keep the video at the end of this product page when i originally made the mesh, it has significantly changed over the year with improving features and ideals of the base.


Commissioned Textures + Normal Maps
︲LisRosy#0716 - Flat Anime Shading + Kompreno#1369 - Normal Map

Additional Help


︲Polygon Count - 44 , 414 K (tris)  –With NSFW BITS 49, 918 K (tris)

︲Material Count - 1

︲Textures Included: 1 PBR Texture 

︲Rigged: Yes - Fully + Twist Bones Ankle / Leg / Butt / Wrist + Jiggle Bones* Butt / Pec
︲Other Bones

  • Abs - For touching
  • Bicep - For flexing 

︲30+ Shape keys for customization

  • check showcase video 

!! New Skin Textures !!

Personal / Commercial License Regarding This Product "Blossom Male Base"

Terms of use:


︲By purchasing this product you are purchasing a license to use it as personally and commercially. As well as, to re-sell this product on 3D works that are limited to complete character models. 

︲For this products license to be valid. You (as the consumer / license holder) have to fill the check out required information correctly. 

︲If you are GIFTING this product to someone, please use the gifting function and their information in the checkout.

→ If you used the wrong information, please join the discord server and make a ticket so we can fix it. 

︲License is only valid to one holder (the one whoever purchases this product or who is the recipient of a gift of this product - as long as check out information is correct). 

︲You (as the consumer/ license holder) are forbidden reselling or re-distribution of this product. 

︲You (as the consumer/ license holder) MUST make your clients aware they may NOT take this asset off your creation to use for themselves and that they MUST also purchase to use this asset.

︲Do not fit other base body textures to this base, (Example ; do not fit dolly molly textures to this base)


︲You (as the consumer/ license holder) may use this asset for public world avatars as long as the MESH IS CUT IN SOMEWAY 

︲You (as the consumer/ license holder) may NOT use this asset for FREE / NITRO avatars

→ Unless we (Blossom And License Holder) have spoken first. Make a ticket in the discord server, thanks!


︲You (as the consumer/ license holder) MUST credit me for this product "Blossom’s Male Base" with my discord tag , product's name and shop link !


︲Due to this product being digital content there are NO refunds given.
→ You will NOT be refunded 

By purchasing this product - You (as the consumer/ license holder) will acknowledge and follow all of the terms of service of this product "Blossom’s Male Base" as stated above and on the website page of :

︲Failure to adhere to the terms of service can result in but not limited legal actions and fees.

Product Support

Product help can be found here in the discord server linked below.

Project Blossom (Discord Server)

Please use the respected channels for the help that you need, thank you !

© Copyright Program Blossom . All Right Reserved.

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Project Blossom's Refund Policy

All sales are final, and the Company "Project Blossom" does not offer any money-back guarantees.

This Company "Project Blossom" is located in Canada which according by the Canadian Government by rights does NOT have to offer any refund policy. By this statement alone, you have been informed of "Project Blossom's" protocols.

In the possible circumstance of the Terms Of Use/Service being broken, this product license to be revoked. "You" , as license holder, will not be refunded , any/all downloads will be revoke and you will be banned from "Project Blossom's" online store.

By purchasing this product, "You" , as licensee holder, recognize and agree that you shall not be entitled to a refund for any purchase under any circumstances.

Last updated May 18, 2023


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Blossom's Male Base | 3D Asset | Personal/Commercial License

185 ratings
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