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・Dance Stage + Chair — 3D Asset | Personal/Commercial License・

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・Dance Stage + Chair — 3D Asset | Personal/Commercial License・is 100% Made By Me.


➜ Polygon Count - 7 , 060 K (tris)

  • Chair ➜ 2 , 564
  • Stage ➜ 3 , 148
  • Pole ➜ 1 , 348

➜ Material Count - 2 (Stage + Pole || Chair )

➜ Textures Included: 4 PBR Textures → Comes In → Black | White | Red | Pink

➜ Rigged: No

All images are shown from Unity << with material set up>>

T E R M S O F U S E / T E R M S O F S E R V I C E

  • By purchasing this product you (as the consumer/ license holder) are purchasing a license to use it as personally and commercially. As well as, to re-sell this product on 3D works that are limited to complete character models. 
  • You (as the consumer/ license holder) MUST make your clients aware they may NOT take this asset off your creation to use for themselves and that they MUST also purchase to use this asset.
  • My assets are original designs. You (as the consumer/ license holder / viewer) may not re-create / claim / or / copy my work.
  • Redistribution , trading , price splitting , making my assets public , putting my asset files up in discord servers and websites , resale of my assets / work are not allowed.
  • Gatekeeping and claiming my assets as your own are not allowed. If you've edited the asset say you've edited it but you must credit me.
  • Failing to properly put your information in the check out will result in - you , (as the consumer/ license holder) , will be banned from my shop and the product download access will be revoked, possible DMCA / legal actions as well as being put up on a warning list to other creators.
  • You (as the consumer/ license holder) may use this asset for public world avatars
  • You (as the consumer/ license holder) may NOT use this asset for FREE / NITRO avatars


  • The gifter must put the receiver's email address + information when checking out.
  • The gifter will not have the license to the product unless they buy the product using their own information at checkout.
    • license is only valid to ONE person


➜ You (as the consumer/ license holder) MUST credit me for this product "Dance Stage + Chair" with my discord tag , product's name and shop link !

➜ Dance Stage + Chair - Blossom#2332 | programblossom -


➜ Due to this product being digital content there are NO refunds given.

By purchasing any of my avatars / assts , you agree to abide by my Terms Of Service / Use.

➜ Failure to follow my Terms Of Service / Use will result in a Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Product Support

Product help can be found here in the discord server linked below.

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© Copyright Program Blossom . All Right Reserved.

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This Company "Project Blossom" is located in Canada which according by the Canadian Government by rights does NOT have to offer any refund policy. By this statement alone, you have been informed of "Project Blossom's" protocols.

In the possible circumstance of the Terms Of Use/Service being broken, this product license to be revoked. "You" , as license holder, will not be refunded , any/all downloads will be revoke and you will be banned from "Project Blossom's" online store.

By purchasing this product, "You" , as licensee holder, recognize and agree that you shall not be entitled to a refund for any purchase under any circumstances.

Last updated Jun 29, 2023

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・Dance Stage + Chair — 3D Asset | Personal/Commercial License・

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